A powerful business engine, yet easy to integrate and use.


Offer your ticket buyers and fans a fair, transparent and easy ticketing experience.


Poses a deep insight into who owns tickets at every point in the event life cycle.


Get a clearer picture of your audience’s demographics through real-time statistics.


Have complete control over transactions from the first sold ticket until the last scanned ticket.

Smart digital tickets, right there in your app

Available on the App store and Google Play

The new way of ticketing

Digital smart tickets

Have complete control during your cycle of events, thanks to the real-time data showing the ownership and activity of the tickets.

No more tickets scams

Our tickets are registered on the blockchain and connected to the visitor’s phone, making any attempt at fraud impossible.

Create, validate, control

Create and validate each type of ticket, and also facilitate the resale within the platform in a controlled way.

Serve all markets

Sell tickets for events on the primary market and allow buyers to resell their tickets in the controlled secondary market.

There is untapped potential in every ticket. Big benefits, readily available!

Meet the Smart-Ticket


Make your tickets smart and secure. Monitor all profits using the power of blockchain technology.


Tickets become tradable NFTs, with a variety of awesome possibilities for fans & event organizers.


Manage your tickets in a safe environment, protected by our reliable global infrastructure.

“Secret Solstice is a remote, boutique music festival in Iceland, celebrating the midnight sun. Partnership with xtixs meant we could access instantly to audiences in more than 160 countries, and that’s key for our brand growth”

Fred Olafsson

Founder of Secret Solstice

Customization at your fingertips

Your brand,
your system

Completely customize your applications, emails, formats, etc. Easily create or modify your new purchase website.

Your revenue

No up-front or hidden costs. Our simple pricing model saves you money in customizations or integrations.

Powerful reports
for all needs

Build and share Reports with ease, allowing your Stakeholders to stay in the loop through clear and relevant Analytics.

Real-Time Data and
Access Control

Prevent security threats and have complete visibility and a good understanding of your security stance.

All the functionality you need to get set up and selling tickets from the first day

Collect, control, and harness your data

Get to know your audience

We simplify the collection of data points and insights to help you grow your commercial opportunities.

What are the the needs you need to address

XTIXS helps you understand what content is working best on web and mobile, to unlock a new understanding.

What are people from your audience buying

Easy tracking of all fan transactions, including: ticketing, merchandise, registrations, digital wallets and more.

Who is engaging with your Channels

Capture data from all your fans and convert it into value, while growing your audience reach in an educated way.

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